Friday, May 1, 2009

I'm Giddy

Recently I was awarded 2 blogging awards.
Lilligirl gave me the "Thorns in my ass, get the baby powder" award. Or was it the "Snorting white stuff makes me think of roses" award? Oh wait, it was the: ONE LOVELY BLOG award.

I happen to think I'm lovely, but I'm probably a little bit biased. I have no idea why she thinks I'm lovely since lately all I've been able to talk about is OmgIThinkINeedToGetTheHellOverHimAlready and DragQueenMothaFuckinGangstas and boys boys boys... Not really lovely but I'll take the award just the same. I am an attention whore after all. No really, I am. I made this admission just last night to one of my suitors. I think he thought I was kidding...
Thanks Lilligirl. I happen to think you are pretty lovely too. SMOOCH.
A great big thank you with sloppy wet kisses goes out to Stacie who is all about her madness or some such thing. She's crazy y'all. Crazy like monkeys who throw shit at the walls and the people who think it's cute. Only the monkey has a slammin body, a great rack and is wearing THIS.
She gave me the Hell Yeah I'm Fucking Awe Summmm!!! Award.

Of course, it's really kind of hard to argue with that one because, I am, right?
Tough crowd.
So, there were rules and stuff about how to hand out these awards and things I'm supposed to do and say. I'm not really feelin' the rules thing today though, so let me just do this. I'm gonna borrow Stacie's new Eden Fantasies purchase, put on my BurgerKing birthday crown (Because my birthday is MONDAY! - Remember attention whore - Birthday du Sassy is MONDAY) and you all can just bow down and kiss my ass pretty little feet.
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Stacie's Madness said... rock it out girl

it's your birthday
go shorty.
it's your birthday