Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Because my hands get crampy

Hey there ladies, you have the perfect sex life, right? Your wo-man's got all right moves. You don't need help from rubber and plastic and things that go buzzzz in the night. Right? Right.
OK, with that in mind, you definitely don't want to go here because the AMAZING STACIE is talking about rubbers and dildos and cock rings oh my... It's just not right. Another reason that you definitely don't want to go HERE is because she has this give-away thing going on where one LUCKY poor little reader will be required to take one of those dirty icky things off of her hands. It's depraved I tell you. Wrong, simply wrong.
*shakes head and walks away*

P.S. If you don't go, there's more of a chance I will win. WOOHOO!!!!!
Come on luck be a lady, Sassy needs a new bedside buddy.

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1 comment:

Stacie said...

muahhaha, that DIRTY STACIE AND her damn dildos.

*good luck*