Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ummm... I'm really sorry?

OK, I might have mentioned a time or 9 that I'm going to be an Auntie again very soon. Very soon as in 2 weeks very soon. Women get crazy when they are pregnant. Crazy! All. Women. CRAZY.

I'm going to borrow just a little of that justification for myself today and blame the following on my own OMG-A-BABY-IS-COMING-and-it-doesn't-have-to-claw-out-of-my-hooha-OMG-A-BABY craziness.

For MyHope. I love you more than words.

*** This horrific visual train wreck was discovered while hanging out here. Go say hi to Kristy. She's preggo-crazy too. <3

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Stacie said...

it is all so much more fun when it is someone else's baby, isn't it?

My best friend from HS just found out she is having baby 3, after laughing my ass off, I did get kinda excited FOR HER.

I think I would jump off the nearest cliff if it were me. ;)

MyHope said...

Ummm....what can I say? You will post ANYTHING for me, won't you? That was kind of scary--and NO ONE wants to see me in spandex these days!

I am crazy. Crazy excited and crazy terrified and crazy ready to be done.

Glad you are crazy with me :-)
Love ya!