Friday, February 27, 2009

The Last Word

The Things and I were playing a game called The Last Word. It is incredibly simple in theory but very un-simple to execute. My brain goes dead as soon as someone hits the button and I end up saying something brilliant like Bullfrog Toenails for "Things That Need To Be Trimmed" and start with the letter "B."

Efective immediatly, I will forever concede to Thing1 in this game:
The Letter: V
The Topic: Things found in a bathroom

I come out with Vaseline and patiently wait for the buzzer to go off in the following silence. And then I notice my son's face turning purple.

Sassy- What?
Thing1- I can't say it. It's in-ah-proh-pree-ut
Thing2- YESSSsssss! What is it? His 11 year old glee has him practically bouncing out of his chair.
Sassy- Oh come on now. You brought it up. Now spill it
SassyTheInnerMonologue - OMG, he's gonna say Vibrator. Please don't let him say Vibrator.
Thing1 laughing so hard his eyeballs are 75% out of his head: No. No. I just. I can't.
SassyTIM- It has to be vibrator. They know I hoard batteries like a squirl preparing for an Ice Age but I don't think they actually found my toy box... OMG! MY TOY BOX!
Thing2- Mom looks like she's going to puke. This is awesome!
Thing1- See, it's really bad. I can't say it.
Sassy- OK, just say it already
Thing1- ...
... V A G I N A!!!!!

Sassy- *crickets*

How did I miss that one? I am in awe of the boy. Game. Set. Match.

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