Friday, February 27, 2009


I really don't know what my fascination is with doors. But several years ago I saw a framed print with 3 different doors... I fell in love with this picture. It was well out of my price range but I went back and visited it at the store often. I cuddled with it. I even let it get to second base in the middle of Home Furnishings. Then one day it was just gone.

Ever since then, my door fetish has been raging. And when I found this on Etsy this morning I about creamed my pants:

And then I found this and discovered that I'm hot for windows too:

Go visit Mwilson's Etsy store and tell them (he? she? I don't know) how completely and totally fantastic their stuff is. Even better - Buy lots of stuff. I'm broke so I can't. But you all should. Then I'll visit your house and be all inappropriate in your living room. Yes! Yes! Oh Yes! Slide that window baby!

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Stacie said...

those are great, and I kinda like doors too...

they are openings to different things...and maybe that is what intrigues me.

what is on the other side, I don't know, could be good, could be bad...

I'll take door number 3 please. :D