Friday, September 30, 2011

Bzzt Hrrg fffttbbb limuuuggk

I have so many irons in the fire at work right now, it's a wonder I haven't burned down the building.
We have a group leaving for Ireland in a week.
We have a group going to Spain and Morocco in March.
We have 2 large in-state conferences being planned.
We are recruiting for the next round of fellows.
Bills have to be paid.
Funds need to be raised.
PR & Marketing needs to be schlept.

My nearest and dearest often have a hard time understanding what I do, exactly. And that is because I do ALL those things, exactly. The planning, coordinating, organizing, paying, raising and schlepping. It is NOT a thankless job. My boss thanks me greatly, daily. It is a very very rewarding job. I love what I do and the organization I do it for. Unfortunately it can be a bit, ummm... stressful?

Which is why I am pee-my-pants excited about my vacation in exactly 7 days. I will be out of the country. Which means I will not be reachable by cell phone. And I will try not to check my email. I will be forced to actually leave everything in the office. Forget about it. Enjoy. *happy sigh* 

In the meantime, tomorrow is Thing2's birthday. He's 14! Holy shit balls. We will be soccering and wagon riding and pumpkin picking and apple bobbing and scary dark corn maze wandering. *excited squee!!!!*

Happy Weekend my loverlies.

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