Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A theme?

Not Like This
 Good choices. I'm not always the best at making them, but I do try. Aside from smoking and the occassional shopping splurge (and the copious amounts of wine/whiskey) my bad decisions are unsually unintentional. And obviously, my last post as an example, I'm trying to work on making good choices.

It's no secret that I have had a ton of fun on Most of my friends are completely boggled by that. Doesn't matter, I've had a blast meeting awesome people and having crazy stories to tell all of you. Since the break-up with SexyMan, I've kept my Match account pretty current, even through a couple of quasi-sorta relationships. A back-up plan or security blanket. Like that would make the bad feel less-bad-ish? (face-palm).

I want to feel like this.
But I think it's time to let go of the "this might not work" thinking. This may blow up in my face. I'm not going to keep waiting for it to happen. I'm going to try and go into this with as much excitement and anticipation as I did all those first dates. 
So I'm quitting match. 

p.s.  I might actually be feeling more like this. Totally normal, right?

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