Monday, October 3, 2011


I'm on day 3 of no smoking and feel fantastic. No really, I'm not just saying that. I do. It's the happy pills that have helped me find my happy again. But also, it's the little puffer that helps me get past the cravings without actually having a cigarette. This is working. It's hard and sucky but it's working. And I'm totally stoked about that. You see, I was sort of a closet smoker. Sometimes, with some people. I never told any of the guys I dated that I smoked. I avoided seeing most of my friends unless I could shower first. I dreaded people stopping by unannounced because OMG, what if I wreak like an ashtray? It was exhausting. Now, I don't stink and for some odd reason that has me feeling super sexy. Actually, empowered is a better word. I feel empowered which leads to feeling fun and flirty and sexy.

Which can also lead to situations and decisions... of the messy sort.
I'll figure my shit out one of these days. But at least now, my shit doesn't stink!

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