Tuesday, December 21, 2010

User Error

I have a fancy-dancy new phone. I loves it lots. I have fast internet and a 5mega pixel camera and...

In case you live under a rock, Angry Birds is a phone app/game. A game that will devour your soul, burp noxious green fumes at the empy shell of your body, which is still glued to the phone -because OMG, I will get that last fucking pig (they are pigs aren't they?) this time! - and you will say Thank you. Thank you Angry Birds for erroding my life like a raging cocain addiction.

But I'm not really here to talk about Angry Birds. I'm hear to talk about the lucious camera on my phone. The 5 mega pixel super duper awesome camera:
That gorgeous smiling woman is my bestie and we were MASTERS of the snowboarding game. Wanna watch us rock the powder? You bring the wine, we'll be the entertainment.
That's one of the children trying to show us up. And to that I say, "Pfffttt - you can take your super high score and shove it, mongrel child. You can't touch our mad skillz."
That's Thing2 and his girlfriend cuddling with our new babies. What, I didn't tell you about our new babies? Take a look at all this wrinkley goodness:

That there be Mellow and Mister. No, we didn't name them and fully intended to change them because, hello lame name. But alas, they grew on us and so they are who they are.

So, what did you all think of my fabulous and amazing super duper 5 mega pixel phone pictures?
WTF is with the blurry, right? At first I thought it was the wine, but that last picture was actually taken without the benefit of booze. Is it user error? I know I don't have the most steady of hands but this seems pretty ridiculous. Anyone else out there have the Samsung Mesmerize and some advice to make my pictures suck just a little bit less?

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KittyCat said...

LOVE it!

And those dogs, are the bomb!