Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Single Woman's Dating Ten Commandments #3

3. Don't get ahead of yourself
He's cute. She's smart. He's funny. She's gainfully employed. He actually called you back.
All good things, yes. But slow your roll there Sistah.

Too often, we ladies start seeing weekend getaways, holiday traditions and shared Badger season tickets before the tab has even been closed on the first date. To be clear, I did not say marriage. I did not say babies. That was intentional. Some women jump that far ahead but those are just the psycho bitches giving normal women like you and me a bad name. The rest of us, we aren't insane, we're just...

Whatevs. The reason lame-ass excuse du jour for your fast-forward fantasies doesn't mean dick to the dick you're hoping to keep dicking around with.
On the first date - after he talks about his love for skiing, if you casually mention that your family has a cabin near the slopes that you two should check out sometime, he WILL freak the fuck out. Then, after trying to decide whether it would be worth it to endure your crazy ass for a weekend just so he can tear into some wicked powder, you will be quickly discarded or delegated to "Chick I will string along so I can get some funzies while still searching for a woman who is not certifiable." After all, dude has needs."

In summary, chill the fuck out and enjoy the beer and butterflies.

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KittyCat said...

You are so RIGHT ON, men do freak when you make it too personal.
Its supposed to be all fun and carefree.

Or the bail.