Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Single Woman's Dating Ten Commandments #6

6. When in doubt, ShutTheFuckUp
We women have the gift of gab. Our besties usually know when we are gassy, feeling weepy or woke up to a puddle of drool on our pillow so big it was seeping into our ear. They know these things because we tell them. It's not like we are odd, everyone has sneezed into the crook of their arm only to see the glop stuck to their sweater. But, men don't want to know these things. Don't say "Let's meet a little later so I can wax my chin." Believe it or not, he is happy with his delusion that women are naturally hairless. He also doesn't want to hear your entire life story on the first date. Be a woman of mystery and let him slowly discover your hidden secrets. Once he really likes you, that story about passing out naked in the bathtub with your cat, Mr Snuggles, will be cute rather than creepy.

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KittyCat said...

This is why I am so against marriage. There needs to remain a sense of mystery to a relationship for it to last.
I agree no man wants to see tampons in the trash can.

Excellent post once again. LOVE it!