Monday, December 13, 2010

Single Woman's Dating Ten Commandments #7

7. Know thy fashion limitations
Some single women need to let loose and push their clothing boundaries. Many calendars ago, my dear friend Nortie - who has given me many wise tips since I have no sisters and at one time was flirting with the frump monster - forced me to go shopping for a skirt that was shorter than my knees. This was a good thing. However, and this is a mighty fucking big however, you must always be aware that some things are simply not OK.
For example:
muffin top = no date and cleavage up to your nostrils = one night stand.
Those are the rules, ladies. I don't make this shit up in my free time.

1 comment:

KittyCat said...

Maybe thats why I dont get many propositions, I dress to conservative.

Maybe I need to go out and get me some of those "short" skirts your talkin about.

: )