Friday, August 6, 2010

Guest Post by my favorite girl crush

MyHope is one of my dearest friends, my sister, my soul mate... kinda. We met eons ago when we were both young and clueless. Over the years we have become closer. She has become immeasurably important in my life. She is one of the few people that I actually long for. We don't get to see each other often enough and I actual ache with missing her.
AND... she cracks me up because she only sent me part of her post. Any creative smart asses out there who want to finish her message with something completely inappropriate? Extra credit if you make her blush!

When Sassy asked me to write a post for her I almost declined. I mean, Sassy is, well, sassy and I am definitely NOT! However, since I am ex-family, Sassy is almost required to accept me as I am. So, she asked and you will all suffer now!

I was recently in Vegas. I love Vegas. Drinking, gambling, eating--and NOTHING in moderation. Well, except maybe clothes. The fewer clothes the better it seems. The scantily clad dancers, especially at the Pleasure Pit in Planet Hollywood, got a lot of attention from my husband and brother. Although I feel no real attraction for my same gender, I can appreciate a beautiful woman with sexy moves dancing around a pole.

Unfortunately not all women in Las Vegas are pretty. And not all of those in skimpy clothes should have been wearing the outfits they were. Since Ve...


Michelle Locke said...

Funny. I agree with you. I love outside of Atlantic City where people pretend they are in Vegas...not necessarily beautiful people.

MyHope said...

Hmmm...I hate that my words disappeared. They were not that bad!