Monday, August 16, 2010

50 First Dates

OK, so maybe not 50. But last week/end I did go on 4 first dates and 1 second.
Here's a run down in order of appearance:
  • Great steak but no thanks CountryBoy. Telling me you have no hobbies and usually just sit and watch TV for fun isn't a turn on.
  • BikeMan danced with me in the street! After one beer and about 45 minutes of conversation we found ourselves attempting to Salsa in the middle of State Street. Following up with a second date of tandem bike riding and a picnic in the park was well played sir. Very well played!
  • OMG-Fuck-Me-Now-HOT-Guy, was... well, HOT like this --- . No exaggeration. But, HotGuy, being able to carry your end of the conversation is a must. At 20 an entire date can consist of smooching. At 30-mumblemumble, it cannot.. well, ok, it can and I might even enjoy it but there won't be a second.
  • NatureGuy was a 10-plus in all categories. Great conversation. Fun. Funny. Easy going. Hot. Sparks. Chemistry! And he played guitar for me. swoon!!! See you Wednesday NatureGuy.
And now my cyber-loverlies, excuse me while I go apply some chapstick to my very chafed lips. Whisker burn is a small price to pay, don't you think?


Nortiebug said...

Which lips?

Stacie's Madness said...

holy shit....YES YES YES YES YES....
CAN'T wait to hear more.

soccermom said...

Damn you have all the fun.

Yes, I agree cant wait to hear more. and
maybe some photos?

You know so we can judge the guys and help you make a good decision.