Monday, July 20, 2009

A nonstop weekend of goodness

It's Monday and I'm not altogether pleased about that. My weekend was just too good for words and I don't want it to be over.

Friday night I went to watch the triplets play baseball. They are so darn adorable in their little uniforms.

Saturday I went to a concert at the park and then had boozey bonfire fun with some of my dearest friends.

Sunday was non-stop. I gave the message at my Mom's church. I always love having the chance to speak there. Such wonderful people. I was blessed. Lunch with my parents and a little gardening before heading over to have dinner with more friends. In case you all were wondering, hairy french lady boobs are the funniest thing EVER! I followed that up with a quiet night at the park listening to the waves, drinking wine and catching up with Mike. It was fantastic. I'm looking forward to seeing him again before he goes back to Chicago on Thursday. He said he might be able to come back up this weekend with his boat.

Monday, not nearly as much fun so far but with any luck I'll be watching more kid baseball tonight.

I hope y'all had a fantastic weekend too!


Stacie's Madness said...

fantastically entertaining, that was my weekend I suppose. :)

SP said...

I just read about your weekend. Sounds a little nauseating to me. :P