Monday, January 12, 2009

Expose Yourself 2009 - The Contest

Because I know all of you are prize whores AND closet philanthropists I'm going to celebrate DELURKING DAY 2009 with a contest and a charitable gift all rolled into one.

The prize - Leave a comment on this post any time between now and 12:00AM Friday/Saturday morning and I'll randomly select one commenter for a brand new 2 oz container of Philosophy's Hope in a Jar and A Nipple Ring of your very own from Mom-O-Matic. You'll get to go to her site and pick out the one you want. Personally, I think this one is pretty freaking awesome!
I bet it would feel really good on my tongue or finger or you know something like that!
The Philandering - I mean philanthropy... maybe. A $1 donation to my local animal shelter for every UNIQUE commenter up to $50. And a bonus $50 if I get at least 75 comments. That's $100 for homeless puppies.
Zoey, my angel Funny Face says "pretty please?"
Share the love and tell your friends. Sassy wants to see your hooters, or you can tell me about them or you can just you know, say HI or something.


Stacie said...

*flashes hooters*

and well, I would tell you all about them, but, the flash tells it all.

MyHope said...

Do I get the beads? Don't you get beads if you flash?

rudecactus said...

Happy Delurking Day!!

(I flashed my boobs but I'm a guy and they're less than impressive.)

Lovingyourblog! said...

I would unleash the DD's but I'm afraid I may poke someone's eye out or take out a table... Once these sucker's are wrapped up in their comfy home for the day, there is no unleashing them.

Happy DeLurking Day!

Blade said...

"Do I get the beads?"

I went a totally different direction when I saw that comment. Well went to a different kind of bead I guess I should say. :P

Hey .. I like my sick mind so deal.

SP said...

Y'all can have whatever kind of bead your little heart desires... Just remember that some beads should not be shared and definitely should be sterilized after use.

SP said...

Chris, as long as your man boobs don't actually require support so they don't sag, flash em honey!

*** Please note the true Moobs should be kept to yourself ***

Jenny said...