Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sometimes you can be too close

Ex was over hanging out...
Just to clarify, Ex is not old. He did just have a birthday which makes me want to call him old man, but that would be false. However, he is bald. Part of this is due to shaving his head but he shaves his head because there just isn't enough up there to let grow. He was beginning to lose his hair in college when we met. This is a good look for him, I'm not making fun... yet.
So, Ex was over hanging out when I noticed a very long and curly hair growing out of his ear. Now I find this HUGELY hilarious for two reasons 1) He has no hair on his head but now has hair in his ears hahahahha 2) OMG, hair in his ears hahahahaha. I of course mentioned this LONG and curly ear hair to him. We laughed a little and moved on.

When he was getting ready to leave-
Sassy: Want me to tweeze it out
Ex: Might as well

Together for over 14 years. Married for almost 13 years. Friends, weird body hair and all Forever.


Stacie said...

wow, how sweet? of you. ;)

Renaissance Woman said...

That is sweet...and makes me a little sick..but sweet.