Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Do you know why Octoberfest happens in September?

I was eating my brat (with ketchup! you heard me all you crazy Chicago people, I like my sausage with some Heinz please.), drinking my beer and listening to some really silly and awesome German music as I mused whether this laderhosen wearing band had so many Octoberfest gigs that they had to push some back in to September. When I shared my BRILLIANCE with Steph she laughed at me. No surprise there, I've been humoring her with my exceptional wit and deep thoughts for over 15 years now. So she says "Blame it on the Ceasars." Whathafa? Did you know that there used to be only 10! months? - Sept Seven, Oct Eight, It all makes sense! -The Ceasars were so arrogant they rearranged our entire year for vanity. July and August, I demand you remove yourself from my Sports Illustrated Swimsuit on Motorcycles calendar right now! ... ummm, wait. What about the 4th of July? I like holidays. Damn. OK, August, you have no holidays and therefore, you can hit the road. Buh-Bye hot nasty humid month of August! ... but can I keep the picture? Becca in a sequined thong lying across the handlebars... Maybe the Ceasars weren't so bad after all.

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