Monday, August 4, 2008

Open Letter to the old white guy

**ps (prescript instead of postscript) - I'm done whining. Thank you for bearing with me yesterday. And no, I'm not breaking up with SM because he is agreeable. We are doing well, thanks for your ummm.. concern? Also, if you would like to email me nasty mean emails, I'm OK with that, just don't expect to get puppies and rainbows in return.

Dear MrOldWhiteGuy,
I have never fully agreed with your politics. In fact, we are polar opposites on most of it. However, I have always respected you for your integrity. You have always been willing to say "I made a mistake" or "in hindsight, I believe I was wrong." Those attributes are hard to find in the political arena. I liked that you crossed party lines on some issues, working for the great good rather than throwing up walls simply because the idea came from the other side. I must admit that I will not be voting for you. But I have been looking forward to the upcoming debates. Two candidates with integrity. Two candidates who have differing ideas that will discuss them intelligently. Two wildly different men that reflect the wildly different people we have in this country. I was excited about this election...
And then I saw the latest string of your ads. MrOldWhiteGuy, those ads are beneath you. They are insulting to the American public. I am disappointed. Lies won't win you the election. Twisting facts and playing on people's fear won't win you the election. Hmmm, ok, perhaps it will... But is that really the way you want to go about it?
In the past you have been a man I respected. I don't have to agree with you to think that you are a man of integrity. Be THAT man.

ps (as in postscript this time) - Please stop having your people call my people*. I will not be volunteering for your campaign or donating my millions** to your cause.

*My people= the voicemail that beeps at me repeatedly when I decide I'm to busy pulling lint out of my belly button to answer the phone.
**My millions= two nickles and a torn dollar bill I found in my shorts pocket this morning.

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Loving your Blog! said...

That's when you decide to be undecided when you chose a politcal party. Problem one ever calls my house :)