Thursday, July 10, 2008

Survey Says

I'm a Weener!

I mean: I'm a Winner!

Did you get in on the "Pay It Forward" contests that started at the home of Swistle? If not, have no fear, there will be a new round of them starting shortly, and your very favorite SassyPants will be hosting one of her own. The reason I'll be hosting one is because I'm cool and I love you. Stop laughing- also because I WON!
Please go give Bethiclaus a visit. Tell her I sent you.

My own Pay It Forward contest with fun and entirely inappropriate prize coming soon!

And now, on to what you all have been waiting for: The verdict on the vibrating cock ring -
"It's WOWness cannot even be put into words."
I think she would have written more but she was busy changing batteries. I recommend rechargables.

Next up: Anal Beads - Disposable or Wash-Rinse-Repeat?
Silly questions, right? Everyone knows you throw that shit out...

*** Search string: Cock, Anal, Shit... I'm so being banned by all the respectable blog groups.


Stacie said...

hmmm, sure wish I had won THAT prize...

*runs to local naughty store*

Rachel said...

Totally goin' to buy a vibrating c ring. That's fabulous.

Anal beads. Definitely not something you want to 'Pay It Forward'

Renaissance Woman said...

Thanks for sharing...I want to win a prize...but not anal beads. But thanks for the offer.

lovingyourblog said...

My man said he wont use one. Damn! I hope you enjoy all its gloriness.