Sunday, July 6, 2008

Lost and Found

As I was going through my stuff that used to sit on my desk at work I realized that something was missing...

My precious "Weeping Buddha" somehow got left behind at my old job. When I ordered him he was delivered to work and I just kept forgetting to bring him home. I called the HR manager and told her what was left behind and she searched my desk for me. No Buddha. She sent out a mass email to everyone at work. No Buddha.

I don't want to think bad things about my ex-coworkers but I'm beginning to believe that someone assumed that I was gone and that it was ok to assume his ownership. I've had to accept the fact that my sweet Buddha has gone on to another home. I hope they take good care of him.

I miss my Buddha! :(


brightmyer said...

I'm sorry about your Weeping Buddha - some people can be jerks

Deb said...

Talk about messed up Karma! One who steals a Buddha surely will return as a goat!

I remember you shopping for a Buddha. Is this that one or a different one?

Renaissance Woman said...

Who would take your Buddha. That is bad karma and they better be prepared.

SP said...

Ooo, a goat, I like that!

Yep, same Buddha. Now I have to find another one.