Friday, July 11, 2008

Just for the record

I did not win a vibrating cock ring. In fact, I don't know what I won. Bethiclaus will be getting back to me as life permits. I'll keep you all posted. I'm not banking on sex toys. Maybe a good chick-lit book or a custom art project made solely from belly button lint. That would be awesome!

The vibrating cock ring is being enjoyed by my very dear friend and her hubby. I just requested an appraisal. They both are working on losing some weight and that was how they chose to celebrate reaching one of their goals. I think I'd find weight loss much more exciting with those kinds of rewards, don't you?

I will not be giving out anal beads as my prize. As surprising as it is, not everyone has as twisted a sense of humor as I do. I will try and keep my prize within the comfort-zone of the giftee.

It's a rainy Friday and I really want to spend the day in bed with a good book. Alas, I'm out of good books and there are projects that need doing. Have a great weekend my internet loverlies!


Stacie said...

even though YOU didn't win the sex toy, I still want one...and hells yeah I would look forward to eating next to NOTHING, losing weight and have my hubs (or whoever) put that thing to work for me.

SP said...

Stacie you are a woman after my own heart!

Renaissance Woman said...

I knew there was something that my weight loss program was missing! Have a great weekend.

Loving your blog! said...

Hmm, what an interesting concept. Now why doesn't the sex industry use this valuable piece of advertising to us well endowed people? You may be on to something!

And here I thought you would give us tantalizing analysis' of the various toys you and SM may be using. *sigh*

I still love reading your blog, your one of the funniest people I kinda sorta know. :)

BTW, you look great in the pics My Hope showed me! Awesome job on the weightloss!

houndrat said...

Um, okay, so I have a confession to make---I'm not entirely certain of the purpose of anal beads. All I know is--they sound a little stinky.

And is this something you could send as a prize and have it confused with a necklace? 'Cuz I'd hate to be the one wearing anal bead bling bling and not even realize it!

Sorry you didn't win my contest, but I guess luckily for me, that means I won't have to make a trip to the adult store for prizes!

Steph said...

Now that shit is funny.

Deb said...

I want to take you to Vegas with me; you are always winning.

Now, if they could make a sex toy that helped you LOSE weight, that would be a killer product.