Monday, February 18, 2008

soft and hairy or scaley and smooth

I know I'm in the minority here but I'm a woman who likes a man with facial hair. A well groomed goatee can be hot hot hot. The ex had facial hair. I have always had soft lips. In general it worked.

Jump ahead to my new beau.
He is clean shaven.
My lips are chapped!

Help ladies.

I know most of you like a clean shaven man. I also know that they don't shave several times a day and that you will probably still kiss them even when the stubble has come out. Or, if you like your lover to have an innie instead of an outie stubble is still and issue.

What the hell do you do to stop your lips from being chapped and peeling all the time?

Much love,


Deb said...

Innie instead of outie--ha!

Burts Bees works for me. But now my son sez I can't buy it anymore because Clorox bought them. Why did I raise such an indie environmentalist?

I guess the chapping is a good problem to have...

SP said...

it has definitely been worth it. BUT I'm the bitch who wants it all, smooching and soft lips. I'm greedy that way.