Thursday, January 3, 2008


The Things are finally home. I picked them up from their Dad’s house right after school yesterday. We did some grocery shopping because I apparently don’t eat while they are gone. Then we made dinner, played some cards, played some PS2, curled up and watched some junky TV and drifted off to sleep in a little puppy pile. I woke up around 1AM and tucked them in bed. What a perfect night.

I let them open one gift early (we’re celebrating Christmas with Family-Sass on Saturday). They loved the coats. I’m afraid Thing1 is starting to look just a tad too teenage and smooth though. He was sporting his leather coat, a scull cap and some pretty hot new shades on the way to school this morning. I almost grabbed him and took him home to stuff into some footed pajamas! No one can look grown up in footed pajamas, right?

Enjoy your babies! It sure as hell doesn’t last!

I’ll update y’all on my holiday man adventures soon, I promise. That and my "too-hot topic" (I’m motivated by the fabulous Swistle to share even if she won’t - Much love and kisses Swistle!)

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