Friday, January 4, 2008

By Decree of the Queen

Because the Queen of Spain was discussing some mother-of-sons drama, I thought I'd pull out an old post from my old blog.

May 16, 2006
HELP!!! I'm turning into one of THOSE moms.
I feel it creeping over me.
It is an impulse I can't fight.
The evil is taking over and there is nothing I can do about it.

I'm the mother of sons...

And all the little girls out there are tramps!! Granted, Thing1 is only 10, but have you seen the 10 year old girls roaming the neighborhoods lately? They wear itty bitty clothes quite like those I've seen on prostitutes in South Tucson. And the scariest part of all is that they are starting to fill out said tramp clothes. Not all of them mind you, but a couple.

Thing1 had his last grade-school concert last week and I'm just now recovering enough to talk about it. I have known most of these young ladies since they were in kindergarten. I have always thought they were sweet and fun; silly little things. I've always thought that you are never too young to know how to treat a lady. My boys open doors, say please and thank you. They say excuse me when they toot and don't scratch in public. They clear the table and do dishes. They put the seat down in the bathroom and their clothes usually end up in the laundry basket. They know girls like pretty things, soft things, and flowery things. Yes blog world, I have been training them to be good boyfriends/husbands for years now. After all, I do want grandkids some day (30 years from now).

In fact, I have not tormented either of my children over their crushes. Thing1 has had a crush on the same tramp girl for 4 years. I used to like her. She is soft spoken but not a push over. She plays sports and is doing well in school. She is respectful and jovial. All around she's a good kid. BUT...At the concert I saw the other side of her. The short little skirt (it was almost above her knee!!! *gasp*), the way she wagged her caboose to the beat of the music (ok, so she was only tapping her toe and the two are just connected), the sweet too-knowing smile she gave my innocent boy (I think she may have even winked folks!!!)...

I wanted to grab him and run out of the auditorium.
She wouldn't get her she-claws into MY boy!!!!

And then my mother leaned over...
She laughingly pointed out that I was officially turning into one of THOSE mothers. I was the mother of a son. I should have seen it coming. I've had enough run-ins with those psycho beasts; after all, I dated enough sons in my time. I even married one. When we had sons I swore I would be different...Someone tell me there is some kind of medication for this.
I don't want to be one of THOSE moms!

Back in 2008
You still with me?
Update: Thing1 is still crazy about the SAME girl. They exchanged Christmas gifts. No hugging or smooching or even hand holding but he has said that he daydreams about marrying her.

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INTERVENTION! Want me to um...have her transfered?