Monday, January 14, 2008

Offering myself up as a sacrifice

I’ve noticed there are very few people out there posting about their dating woes and foibles. It’s kind of sad really. There is a lot we can learn from each. And there is a lot we can point and laugh at. It’s fucking nuts out there folks. I know this and my exploits are pretty tame. There have to be more adventurous stories than mine and I want to hear about it because misery loves company.

Since I've even gotten a few emails thanking me for sharing my stories about the single rat-race, I’m going to offer myself up to all of you as a sacrificial lamb. I’ll put it all out there for you to mock and commiserate with. Live vicariously through me if you will. But in return, if you’ve got a good story you must tell it on your blog and post a link in my comments (or post the story in the comments if you have no blog). Even if you’ve been married For-Ev-Ar, you still must remember that one time when Stinky Matthews brought you flowers that were covered in ants and they were crawling up your Daisy Dukes every time you sat in your car long after you kicked the boy to the curb. Itching does fade over time but the smell of a bug bomb let off in your car never really goes away.

As A Side Note: This is NOT going to be a dating blog. I’m too damn opinionated and random for me to stick to just one topic around here. I’m just promising not to hold back on the dating front. I’m having a fantastic time and I want to invite all of you along for the ride.

With that in mind I will be giving you more details about GigglyChick which I mentioned in my last post, NormalGuy (at least that's what I'm calling him for now) who I actually hope to see again as well as the Dude who turned out to be MoodyNeedyOmgAreYouAChick...

Enjoy the freak show folks. I do it because I love you!

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XUP said...

Oh boy! Dating with Sassy. Can't wait. It will be like actually being there with you, on the date except that I don't get any drinks. I'd be happy to share some more of my dating stories with you, too, except I fear there isn't enough room in the entire blogosphere.