Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Coming out of the closet

I have 4 LBD’s. 2 are very summery. They are short and flippy and definitely not suited for this time of year. I find that I can dress those down and wear them out from time to time, especially when I’m in need of a very Sassy warm weather girls’ night out. I also have a long sleek sheath LBD that is simple and yet very very sexy. This is what I was planning on wearing on my date with OlderMan. However, while in search of the perfect pashmina to go with it I found this crying and lonely on the rack:

I had to take it home and love it forever. So the new LBD got its night out on the town and a vivid place in my dating memory: My first real grown up date. Go Me!

However, a classic is still a classic. It was the long sleek LBD, reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn that got to go out with GigglyChick last weekend. In the end, I still love my LBD but the Chick I was ready to send to Good Will. First of all, I should explain that this was a BLIND date. K set me up and gave me a very general description but I honestly had no idea what I was walking into. GigglyChick had a fundraising banquet and no date. Thus K said she knew someone who might be perfect. Enter Sassy. GigglyChick was cute and friendly even if her voice was a bit high pitched and squeaky. She could discuss news and politics even if she did inject the word “Like” more than she breathed. I could have a nice time and overlook these things, hoping she was just nervous. But the giggling… dear holy moses the giggling. All. The. Time. Every time she would start to twitter, my ass would start to twitch (and not in a good way). Then my brain started to ooze out of my ear in a slimy mess of gray matter because the giggling would not stop! So I faked a headache. Not very creative, I know. About two hours into the screeching and squeeling I was escorting myself out to my car to drive home. The good news is that the pimply 16 year old at the McDonalds I stopped at on my way home said I looked "HOT." Hah! SuckIt GigglyChick!


Ev said...

Okay...I was thinking that when you were talking about LBD you were talking about lesbian bed death...and it took me a few sentences to figure out you were talking about something else.

I'm glad you're happy with your LBD...most of us end up a little disappointed when it happens to us. :-)

SP said...

I thought lesbian bed death was a myth. Surely women as fabulous as you don't hae such problems.

(Lie to me damn it! I can't handle the truth!)

Ev said...

LOL...hmmm. Well...consider LBD like so many other cyclical events. The tides, the solstices, Halley's Comet, and the menstrual habits of perimenopausal women...they all have a rhythm of their own. We don't try to fight the tides here, we just try not to be dragged under. Sometimes the stars are aligned favorably and sometimes...not so much.

Picture all the issues that women have, then multiply it times two. Lesbianism is NOT for the weak. :-)