Thursday, January 31, 2008

Calling all big-mouths

I'm seeking some advice. This is your chance. I’m encouraging you to give me your opinion. Feel free to let me have it. Turn off the “politically correct” filter and get up on your soap box.

*Deep Scary Breath*

Here’s the situation:
Wolfman cancelled our date for early last week and I was not available for the remainder of the week. He was out of town all weekend. We emailed before he left both saying something like “gee we sure are busy, hopefully next week…” Today is now Thursday and I finally got an email from him this morning.

Hey Sassy - Sorry it has been so long since you have heard from me. It has been
a crazy week, and last weekend was full as well. I am thinking things will slow
down in the next week. I am tied up until Sunday, but have no plans for the
game. Other than that, things are good...hope the same can be said for you. I
hope to call you before 10pm in the next few days. How are things going for
Take care!!

With just this information, I’m inclined to send a friendly response and see where it goes. I’d kind of like to see what makes this guy tick. He is intriguing. We’ve only been out twice. Once was a nice dinner and the other was the awkward movie thing. I certainly don’t owe him any explanations for my time, nor does he owe me any. I should probably not take it personally that it took him 4 days to compose an email. Right?

Here’s where it gets complicated. While he was busy, I went out with someone else (nope, no name for him yet). We really hit it off. We’ve been out twice. Lots of chemistry (Maybe I could call him FlipFlop because he makes my tummy go all weird and flippy). We’re trying to work out our schedules so we can get together again this weekend. But it’s only been TWICE. I’m back to the “I don’t owe him anything and neither does he…” thing.

I must admit that with this information alone, I would probably go ahead with both of them and see what happens. What’s the harm right? It’s only been two dates for both of them. Stop being so silly Sassy!

The other shoe falls: They work for the same company. In the same office. Granted they are not in the same department and this is a very large company. I’m not sure if they ever even cross paths in the office much less if they actually know each other or OMG discuss their dating… But there is still the chance this could all go weird and terribly wrong.

So, I feel like a goose for even fretting over this. Hello, two dates! Quit being such a GIRL! At the same time I’m not a “player” –do they still use that term?- and the stress of this is likely to drive me more batshit crazy than I already am. Do I toss all my eggs in one basket? Do I let it run its course and see what happens?

As soon are you are done laughing at me and the crazy I just threw up on my keyboard, HELP!!


Ev said...

If you're in the market for big mouths, I'm your girl!

I would mention to the next one that I actually went out on a date with that I was seeing other people as well. See if he freaks out over that. If he takes that one in stride, and the Wolfman come back (and relly, it sounds like he's not putting much energy into that), if you're going to continue to see them both, you probably ought to mention it to them. Can you imagine them sitting in the cafeteria togeher?

"Hey! I met a nice woman."

"Me too!"

She lives in X place. Her name is Ms. Pants. I've been seeing her for the last few weeks."

*awkward silence*

"Me too."

Don't go there, sister.

XUP said...

Meh - I reckon if you haven't had sex with a guy, you're not really dating him yet, so there's not harm in seeing both of them -- unless you like one way more than the other, in which case why keep seeing the one you don't like much and has been giving you the run-around?? But don't have sex with 2 guys who may be in a position to compare notes - unless you're earning a living at it, in which case word-of-mouth publicity (so to speak) is a good thing

Anonymous said...

OMG. Sorry to say, but I don't have any advice, except to turn it into a movie script, because this sounds like grounds for a blockbuster romantic comedy.

Okay, here's what I think: Give it one or two more dates with the two guys, and then decide. Or have the discussion about whether to date other people at the same time, because so often two people in a couple have very different ideas of what constitutes couplehood.

Oh, and congrats on this new guy. Lot more fun to have too many guys than too few!

Steph said...

Wait 4 days and email Wolfie. Send him the "Gosh we really are busy" email.

You are now officially keeping that relationship at the status quo.

Meanwhile, go out with the newbie, see if you like him. If you DO, then you can still get away with the "you snooze, you lose" theme of the now friendship.

I mean really, who wants a guy that can wait to see you?

XUP said...

Oh ya - I like Steph's idea.

SP said...

Great advice ladies. Especially Steph. Of course I expected no less because she managed to get me through 2 years of college without completely losing my mind.

We'll see what happens.