Monday, November 5, 2007

3 posts in one day

This is my third unique post today. Does that make up for missing the weekend? I do actually feel a little bad about it. I will not relent from my weekends=nocomputers philosophy though. So, unless someone tells me how to do the magic posty-thing, I'm going to have to deal with guilt and self-hatred and depression... HELP ME!

Thing1 surprised me with breakfast on Sunday. He made eggs and bacon and toast AND had my coffee brewed and waiting.

I'm the luckiest Momma EVER!



Sorry I can't help you with the advanced posting thingy, but maybe you could prepare your posts during the week and then just pop them in on the weekend? Takes 3 minutes. This is what I do because I have a pretty firm rule about not going near the computer on weekends.

Ev said...

First of all...mothers are supposed to have guilt, self-hatred and depression. Who would we be without them?


Second of all...someday your kids will be in therapy anyway, whining about their bad childhood and blaming all their character defects on you. Why not give them some good material to work with? Park them in front of the tv on weekend mornings with a dry box of Froot Loops and a couple of steak knives. They can engage in a little Creative Playtime together while you write the blog for the day, and then you can meet up for a family outing to the emergency room afterward.

Remember: children grow up and leave, but the internet is forever. :-)