Friday, October 19, 2007

We interupt this regularly scheduled nonsense...

I was all set to talk about dead fish, married men and a trip to Jersey. Then I read THIS and THIS.

Now I’m speechless – sort of.

These stories make my heart ache and soar at the same time. But what strikes me even more than that is the overwhelming beauty of these women. I’m not talking about the long lashes, beautiful eyes, and great legs kind of beauty. I’m talking about the soul of these women who love so deeply and passionately. They cherish and celebrate and mourn for their children – And they share this with complete strangers, you and me. Maybe it’s therapeutic for them to type it up and post it. I say it is therapeutic for us to see their pain and their joy and their strength every day.

There are those cheesy emails that have been floating around for years now, the “Beauty of a Woman” emails. They are cheesy. They still make me weepy, because what the emails describe is pretty damn amazing. Being back in the singles game, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about female beauty as I stare in my mirror and pluck my eye brows and coat my lashes. Am I still an example of female beauty? I’m easy on the eyes, this I know. I have a fabulous ass and pretty nice figure considering I’ve birthed me a couple babies. And let’s face it; those are the beauty traits that will get a man’s attention. But the beauty traits that really matter, that will last long after my boobs start to bruise my knees; those are the traits I want. I want to have the grace and beauty of a Redneck Dooce.

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