Thursday, September 15, 2011

Because I'm a Masochist with a Mission

I've decided that I'm going to the cancer run with TBone. I want to support him. I want a night to play in Milwaukee. And, Cancer does in fact suck. However, I refuse to wear a shirt with DFW's face on it.
Yes, yes, It's shallow and petty. But recently I was telling a friend that she had a right to "not hurt" and doing that for herself was not a reflection on the person she needed to sever ties with. I wanted to scream at her "It's OK to stop worrying about hurting everyone else and take care of yourself." I think she is finally ready to do that. I think I am too. So, me not wearing the shirt is not a reflection on DFW or how sucky cancer is. It is mearly me taking care of myself because I have a right to not hurt.

I know there are more things I can do to make it so it doesn't hurt quite so much. I'm still thinking about those. One step at a time.  

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