Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Farm Boys and other big news

These gorgeous, luscious, pretty-toe-baring, lickable, fuckable, sassy sandals:

Deserved a better date than the craptastic one I took them on last Sunday. Why is that you say? Surely it could not have been that bad. Sometimes a simple explanation is best.

And it went downhill from there. An hour and a half of him talking about cow manure, choppers (not the motorcycle kind) and making hay (not the sexy kind) was more than I could handle.
He has no desire to travel. Anywhere. Ever.
He still lives at home with his parents.
... I'll let that one settle in.
Yep, still living at home with Ma and Pa.
Aaaaand, END SCENE!

On a brighter note: Thing1 is done with all early practices until next year. This means that I no longer have to haul my lazy ass out of bed at O'dark-thirty to take him to school. His final musical performance was with the UW Wisconsin Singers. INCREDIBLE! Also, Ex's parents rolled into town with Thing1's car. Yep, the boy gets his permit in June and will have access to his own set of wheels. Very exciting. Thing2 is no longer grounded. He has gotten all his privileges back and is working hard at being a functional member of the family once more. This means not leaving dirty smelly socks on the kitchen table, not watching YouPorn (I didn't even know there was such a thing...) and not spankin' it on his dad's bed; all in addition to keeping up with his regular chores. He had his first soccer game last weekend too. They lost 0-9 but Ex-In-Laws got to watch him play so it was still a win. All in all spring is shaping up to be pretty lovely at the house of Sass.

On an even more super brighter note:
Ex moves out in less than 3 weeks!


Stacie's Madness said...

are you fucking kidding me???? ugh. damn farm BOY...boy boy boy...ugh. well. fuck.

woohoo on thing1 and ex moving out...soon!

SP said...

I wish I was kidding!
He actually ended the date (thank god) because his Mom called. His kitty was freaking out from the storm and she thought he should come home now. He ended the date because his mom said he had to go home and take care of his cat!

Mel's Way or No Way said...

Those shoes definitely deserved better. So he went home to comfort his cat because his mother called. I wonder what Freud would say about that.

Farm boys can be fun...if they're not still attached to mom's tit!

SP said...

It's a dairy farm.
Mel said tit.
*snicker* *snort*

Our Heroine said...

Well, at least you broke in the sexy shoes.

SP said...

They are pretty damn fabulous.
Bring back the sandal weather, please!