Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Discernment Fail

The guitar guy - The one I just said wasn't... I mean, that we weren't whatever we once were anymore - I came to this conclusion based on an email conversation we had where he cancelled our mini-vacation complete with a hottub and fireplace hotel room! Who cancels on that unless you are totally NOT into the other person? I was completely convinced. As my kids used to say when they still had a pile of peas on their plate that they were not about to let pass their lips - Aaaaaahl dun.

It turns out that I was as wrong as they (my kids, remember the peas story I just told you? Stick with me people) were. I got an email from him a couple nights ago saying he missed me and was hoping he could make the cancellation up to me.
And I was all - WTF??? No Way!!!

And then I remembered that picture he sent me and I thought...
Of course this SassyWasWrong realization happened after I decided to re-do a mistake I made a few months ago. And by that I mean that I got more than a little bit inebriated and fell into bed with The Captain... again. And I swear to Margaret Thatcher that I did NOT see that coming when we decided to meet for drinks. The problem with me and The Captain (if you can call it a problem) is that we really are great friends that just click so damn easily, we trust each other and the chemistry is sizzlin'. ---- Friends, easy, trust, sizzlin = Problem? It just makes it way to easy to slide back into each other (heh). Besides, who am I to turn down a no-strings-attached orgasm. That would be wasteful and being wasteful is irresponsible.
Justification is my friend
Sassy Judgement Fail


Stacie's Madness said...

I just finished reading, "He's just not into you" and I'd say that Guitar Guy lost his chance...

*drool* over the picture.......and then move on.

Again with Captain...hmmmm. I think. I think....that personally...being with a friend...though makes some lines difficult...it seems...AWE FUCK.
i LOVE that Mr.FF was a friend first...I think it rocks...and our chemistry...holy shit...LOVE LOVE LOVE...and I don't like screaming that word very loudly, but with him? It's not the only word he makes me scream. Just sayin

Jersey Girl Gets Real said...

Dude! Let him "make it up to you"!!! WTF is there to think about??? Another orgasm??? They are like shoes...you can never have too many.

Keep us posted.