Friday, June 18, 2010

Girl Crush Friday

Everyone seems to be doing theme days. And since I'm trying to be a bit more consistent with my posting in order to not get verbally abused by people who claim to be my friends - with friends like that, who needs overbearing, dysfunctional, martyr mothers? - I'm going to give it a try.
I give you:


Let's get this party started with none other than PINK!

The boys and I were watching Charlie's Angels 2 the other night and when she came on the screen at the bike race thingy I might have actually moaned. Out Loud. With my children present. Not that it's the first time they've heard me react in such a way to hotness in movies. But I do feel a little guilty every time. It's the same theory I apply to eating brownies. Each time I eat one I make sure I feel a tiny bit of guilt before I go back for another one. This means that I eat slower which is totally supposed to help me lose weight.
The brownie guilt diet: cut down your brownie habit from 6 in an hour to 4 with one easy step. Watch the pounds melt away.
Mmm, Halle...

Oh, sorry. We weren't talking about Halle - although I can pretty much guarantee that she'll pop up on GCF (Girl Crush Friday. See how I did that? I created my own catchy acronym. I am the awesome) - today we are discussing Pink.

My crush on Pink has to do with several factors. She is not a Lohan type train wreck and yet I get the feeling that she'd be fucking cool as hell to party with. She is strong and opinionated and completely unapologetic about that. Her music is fun. And most importantly...

I'm hearing Dave Matthews lyrics: I like coffee with toast and jelly but I'd rather be licking you from your back to your belly...

This woman has the hottest abs on a woman I have ever seen.
Happy Friday My Sass-alicious Loverlies.


SoccerMom said...

Wow, Pink is my all time fav!
Love the b/w of her. Excellent pick

Stacie's Madness said...

i soooo fully agree with this assessment of PINK...she's sexy cool and if I swang that way I'd totally tap that.

Yamilette27 said...

I love Pink! Even Eminem has kind words about her. She is very talented and I wish she were my best friend or something. The type of friend that flirted some.
But I do think SHE would be doing the "tapping" if you swang that way. Lol