Thursday, June 17, 2010

A bit of random

Let me begin with a little whine to go with your daily cheese.
I slept wrong. My neck hurts. A lot.
That is all.

I tried airbrush tanning last night. I'm not orange. And other than a little too much color around my wrists that I'll take care of later today, I'm really happy with it. Bring on bikini season!

OK, and to wrap it up this gorgeous sunny Thursday --->

Before you yell at me, let me just say that this is SAD.
It's BAD to kill people.
Sad and Bad.
But there's something insidious going on here as well. Take a look:
-- An aging con man convicted of killing two young
couples in Wisconsin and Ohio decades ago claims he also shot his foster son to death.
In a jailhouse interview with The Associated Press, 77-year-old Edward W. Edwards
says he lured Dannie Boy Edwards to a secluded cemetery near the family's home
in Burton, Ohio, in 1996. He said he pressed a 20-gauge shotgun to the man's chest and pulled the trigger twice.
Edward Edwards and Dannie Boy Edwards? Really? What kind of parent does that to their children?

1 comment:

Stacie's Madness said...

that is just STUPID.
i wouldn't use a "B" name for my son because his intials would be "B.O."