Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A 10 Second Update

You all are pretty funny with your suggestions. One that really struck me as funny was "Rick 9 Plus" which is reference to Sex and the City. I love it. However, I think I'm going to have to go with Roo... It's short for Rooster, as in Cock and still makes me think Rick9+. A win all the way around I think.

When I have more time, I'll write about why Roo kept calling me Poopy. For now, I have to go meet Ex's girlfriend. "But Ex is in Arizona!" you say? Why yes. Yes he is. We're meeting for the first time... without him. Weird, I know. But that's a whole other story I'll have to fill y'all in on.

Another post with the weird and poopy details will be coming before the New Year. I PROMISE.


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Stacie's Madness said...

grrr, girl we need UPDATES... :)

Happy new year!