Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Days of Grace:40 - The Steph is an impatient bitch installment

At least I think this is what she wanted when she yelled at me YELLEDATMEEEE!!! on Facebook.

So a Gracey update you will have.

  1. A BBQ with the Things, an ex-sister-in-law, the Ex, his girlfriend and her gaggle of children. I asked him to bring me out my drink but he forgot and she yelled at him saying "The woman needs her drink, Man!" It was awesome. Also, her young children got all crazy and Ex got all stressed and I had already gotten the hell out of dodge. Without doing dishes. Muwahahahaha!
  2. Homemade enchiladas made by SM. No wonder I'm getting skinnier y'all, he's not feeding me all the damn time. That man can Cook! And by that I really do mean cook. Although I also mean sex but that's not what happened at the dinner table with his 3 little kids watching. I'm twisted but not that twisted... yet.
  3. Watching the triplets ride the ferris wheel for the first time. They loved it. Declared it the coolest thing ever until the fun house. Then that was the coolest. Until the ginormous fall from the freaking heavens slide. But they didn't die or break anything so that's good.
  4. A completely uncomplicated night of OMFG... no wait let me actually type that one out OohOhhOH Mah Fucking Gawd!!! sex and cuddling. And before you all get high and mighty on my ass, no I'm not still waiting and fighting for something. We're friends. Friends who bump uglies until one of us discovers someone else to bump uglies with. Things are much more comfortable now. Or they are until they get uncomfortable in the holy crap don't stop now kind of way. But of course, I'm a lady so I won't give you the details. Ladies don't discuss such things. For the record though, there was no hickey giving or getting.
  5. My garden has borders. LawnBoy was going to come out on Thursday to dig me some trenches. In return he was going to buy me a beer on Saturday. Yeah, he sucks at negotiating. I told him that. Anyway, he couldn't make it on Thursday and I didn't really want to see him on Saturday so I assumed I was in the clear. I wasn't but I wriggled out of it anyway. So, on Sunday I got down and dirty in my own garden. I moved plants. I dug trenches. I put in pretty bricks. I got a fucking 9th degree sunburn on my virgin back skin.

And that ends this session of chill the hell out Steph. I'm tired and sunburned and still basking in the glow of amazing no strings attached sex!

How was your 4th of July? I hope you saw fireworks too!

**P.S. -- I have a date with TextGuy tomorrow. The hickey has finally faded enough that I don't need to wear a damn turtleneck. I'll keep you posted.


Stacie's Madness said...

ok, um, I'm on facebook, look a girl up. :)

sex is sex...and damn fun to be getting some.

I fear I have been waiting on some "yardman" myself...I hate waiting or counting on anyone else other than myself...especially a man.


Steph said...

You know that is what I was after... Damn, I may be a bit too easy!

But thank you for the update. It has once again highly entertained me during my commute.