Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Under Construction

I've made some changes.

What do you think?
No really, I mean it. What do you think?


Help me out.
And if you have suggestions with advice on how to actually implement, leave it in the comments or email me. My email addy is on the left.

LEFT sidebars, I'm liking that. More room for random shit.


Stacie's Madness said...

i like it except I have to scroll to the right to see it all.

MyHope said...

I love it, but the colors make it a little hard to read well. But I love both the sidebars.

SP said...

I'll see if I can play with the coloring and size. No promises though. I've already had a couple Jack's this afternoon to recouperate from the fieldtrip.

Bill said...

Overall I like it quite a bit, but the greenish background behind the white text doesn't give enough contrast. It would be easier if you either darkened the green or went with dark text. Like the color of the date at the top of the post...