Friday, May 22, 2009

Days of Grace 35.5

I forgot a song...

It just makes me happy.

Also the fantastic IllBAMotherFucker sent me these to start off my weekend right. You totally get me, IBAMF. Much love and lots of hot wet kisses.

It's like he's looking up to me to save him from the pain. I'll save you Ryan. Let Sassy save you.

Class, an exotic accent, come fuck me eyes... mmmm

I love a bunny with curves.

This man needs to take his shirt off more however, I have to admit that he can make me wet with that smile alone. It's that rugged... something. Just WOW.

I don't know who he is, but he's bringing me flowers so it's all good. Dude, lose the pony tail.

Hot and ... and nothing. There's nothing more to say than OMFG HOT!

And finally; The most beautiful woman ever. EVER.
p.s. IBAMF, get a blog man. You crack my shit up!
Have a fantastic Memorial Day Weekend Everyone.

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