Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Open letter to my co-worker

Dear co-worker,

I'm officially leaving your pity party. I will not continue to nod sympathetically when you mope and sigh. You have the information and tools that you need to do your job. The world is not out to get you and you are only pathetic because you continue to see yourself as such.

Also, my personal life is not open for discussion. I don't want your opinion and certainly don't want your advice. Yes I still have pictures up from a past relationship. Simply because that is over does not mean that certain memories of times/places/events don't make me smile. Yes those were flowers I left at the front desk. No I'm not excited.

Finally, if you stand over my shoulder and stare at my computer for 20 minutes again while you wait "patiently" for me to finish one project so I can hold your hand while you complain about your own work, I will borrow Ex's shovel and beat you!

Thank you and have a nice day,

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