Friday, April 17, 2009

Days of Grace: 31

1) Eating at fun new places, trying new things and not washing dishes

------I've had an opportunity to eat out a bit more of late and have enjoyed going to places I've never been before or introducing someone else to one of my favorite off the wall joints. Most recently I had lunch with someone at an East African restaraunt that stole my heart months ago. My friend was skeptical, more inclined to meat and potatos, the vegetable laden menu seemed daunting. The final verdict, "That was good. I'd go there again. But we have to take turns, next time it's a steak place." Fair enough. Fair enough. I also ventured out to a Mongolian place that was recommended to me and thoroughly enjoyed the variety. I wish I had enjoyed the desserts because they looked amazing but if I'd have done that I would have barfed and that's just not the best way to finish a meal.

2) Soccer

------ I always swore that I would never own a minivan. A few years ago I broke down and bought one. Considering the things I was involved in at the time, it made sense. With or without the van though, I am most definitely a soccer mom. When I get out there (quite possibly with a beverage in hand), sitting in the sun watching the kids race too and fro, I morph into a cartoon character of myself. I'm yelling and shouting and cheering. I love to watch the kids get in there and really go for it. The girls that can take a hit and get right back up and go after it. The boys who will go head to head with those girls and not back down. I'm competitive. I won't apologize for that. Thursday is my new favorite day of the week.

3) Photography

------ I have a friend who has graciously agreed to give me some lessons on how to use my camera. I have a Sony A100... I think. It's a DSLR and I'm clueless. He has a Minoga or Menagua (wait, that's a city, not a camera) or something. Apparently our lenses are interchangable. Whatever. We're going to the botanical gardens to play this weekend and I'm so excited. He is also a techy and is going to give me some tips on Photoshop. Perhaps I'll be able to post some good pictures soon.

4) Phoenix in June

------- No really, I'm not kidding about that one. As y'all know, I have a wonderfully perfect squishy yummy angelic new nephew that I must smother with love and hugs and snuggles and kisses. Dan the Man, my oldest friend that I still have contact with, will be home (Phoenix) for a visit in June. He's stationed in Germany and just got back from a long time in the SandBox. Why not coordinate such things and take a mini-vaca in a couple months? Why not head for the Valley of the Sun in a few weeks. Here's why, because my eyeball juices will boil and my brain will melt and ooze out my ears. Oh hell, what do I care? I'll get baby loving and to see see a treasured friend. I'm saving my pennies. Bring on the heat!

5) Motorcycles?

------ I have a friend who is pulling out his motorcycle tonight for the first time this season. While he tinkers and does whatever the heck one has to do to make a bike road ready each year, I get to play kissy kissy with a 4 month old yellow lab. Then, we ride. WooHoo!

Now, if only someone can tell me how to ride with long-ish hair and not have it end up looking like this when I'm done:

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Christy said...

Ponytail? I love yellow lab puppies - have fun!

MyHope said...

Me me me! Come see me! I will make it nice and cool for you. Okay, so that is total bullshit, but I will keep my house cool! And my pool lukewarm. Miss you!

Renaissance Woman said...

Sounds like the perfect list of fun things to experience. Good for you girl!