Friday, March 13, 2009


I have 7 hours left in the office to get a million things done. I'll have a couple hours to hang out with my Things tonight and tomorrow morning I will enter an internet BLACK OUT. I'm a little concerned. Can I can survive under such conditions? Wish me luck. No wait, that's not right. If you really want me to come back, you have to believe. Belieeeeve. Say it with me:

I do believe in Sassy, I do, I do.
I Do Believe In Sassy, I Do, I Do.

You would probably be very frightened if you knew how often that chant goes through my head.

To tide you over until I return (belieeeeeeve), here's a glimpse at just how nerdy we are at the house of Sass. Thing1 was completely crushed in a word game last night. We take our games very seriously around here and in order to not lose so grandly in the future, he began to study -

Yes, that's a dictionary he's pouring over. A real one, with paper pages and everything. Now if only I could get him to work that hard on his Spanish homework.

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Stacie said...


next time he is going to whoop your ass.

good luck and I believe.....I BETTER come back . :)