Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Come follow me my lil chicadee

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See that widget over that that displays my 4 followers. One of those is me, that makes 3. Now I know there are more of you that read me than that, and I want to see who you are. Give it a click and let me know you're here.

Also, We have CHICKENS!
This one was Dead On Arrival. We honored him by having a grilled chicken caeser salad for dinner. Yummmm.

The chickens do not have a names yet and the Things have agreed to open it up for internet suggestions. Please leave suggestions in the comments.
We have two stand-by chickens that are nesting on the kitchen table

And the adventurous chicken. So far, these are a few of the places he has turned up:
mmm, toasted chicken.

Frozen drummies?
He also crawled into the bread basket and hid among the bunnies on the front porch. He held his breath in Thing2's shoes and was chillin with the string cheese.
If you have no clue what this whole Chicken Game is about, go here and here and here!
So, now for the names. Ready Set Go!
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Stacie said...

awe, cute little chics!

Deb on the Rocks said...

The toaster pic traumatized me. Seriously!!!

For The Love Of Moo!!! said...

I say you name them George and Georgia...Mr. and Mrs. George