Wednesday, February 11, 2009

That's it. Keep going. Your doing great!

I lost my job last summer. Remember that? Remember when I lied to you and told you I wasn't freaking out when I was most definitely Freaking. The. Fuck. Out.? Yeah, that. I received an ass ton (that's an actual measurement people. i don't understand the metric system, i just use it.) of support just so I could manage each day. I had my ass dragged through the financial disaster of my life and the sludge of depression by friends and family. Now those tendrils of support are slithering back to the homes they came from. I'm hanging onto this rope all by myself. My legs are tired. My arms are shaking. But I'm reaching up a little bit higher each day.

I think I can do this.


Stacie said...

THAT'S all you can do, right? Hang on? I could put my hands under you if you fall, but then I would just be feeling up your ass.

SP said...

Haven't even met in person and you're already offering to feel me up. I Love It!