Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday Wanderings

My friend got her ring. It was THE ring. She is on cloud nine and I'm so happy for her. But she did not spend the entire 20 minutes of our conversation gushing about the ring. What she kept saying was "He wants me... forever" in this awed voice that made me want to squish her up in a great big hug. Of course he wants you - forever, honey. Of course he does!

Our conversation only lasted 20 minutes not because she was done gushing or because I was done listening to her sound so happily-ever-after-OMG! It ended because I ran out of gas. No, really. I Ran. Out. Of. Gas. My car sputtered and slowed. I coasted to the side of the road and hung up. Then I walked my cold ass to the next freeway exit in search of fuel. By the time I got there I couldn't decide whether I was on my way home or if I had just left it.

I am here now. Wherever that is.

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Bill said...

Well, now that she has THE ring, you've got to make sure she doesn't read THE post about the ring! *laugh*

URDUMB said...

How can you be dumb enough to run out of gas? All you do is obcess about shit and you didn't get gas? What an idiot.

Stacie said...


vomit about their gushiness...not vomit about your gas, er lack thereof.

and if URDUMB, then so am I ...

actually, I'm not dumb, but a procrastinator, adventurer seeing how far I can go not filling up, it is all really exciting!


SP said...

Stacie, you are my hero. I do have to admit it was pretty dumb. I was pushing it and I knew it. But in my defense I had just smeared snot all over SM's shirt and then had to blubble joy over my girlfriend's proposal. My brain was not capable of sane choices just then.