Thursday, February 19, 2009

Oh Shit, We've Been Found ***updated

Christ on a cracker people.
SM has found us.
Quick hide the keg before he drinks all the beer.
And put your panties back on.

P.S. I better not catch any of you fondling him under the table.

In the past I have protected my blog-anonymity. Recently I've given up on that and passed on my link to people who have asked for it. Today SM asked. This is kind of scary for me but also very freeing. What does this mean to all of you? Absolutely nothing actually - other than I had an opportunity to post a HOT photo.

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Bill said...

Well, I'm not really sure what the heck you're talking about, but I'll certainly defend your right to post pictures like that! :)

Renaissance Woman said...

Love the picture! HOT!!!

Stacie said...

lol...hi SM!

good for you coming out of the closet, er, um, you know what I mean.