Monday, January 19, 2009

Great Odds

The contest is over and I rolled the dice. The winner is:
Chris Cactus and his glorious Man-Boobs.

Sadly, I think that Chris is getting screwed here. Or maybe he'll give the prizes to his lovely wife Beth Fish and she'll make getting screwed a happy event. You know, or something like that. Chris, pop me an email with your address and your selected Nipple Ring or whatever from Mom-O-Matic. I'll have it in the mail to you by spring thaw, I promise.

I only got 6 comments, but I cannot walk into the Humane Society with a check for $6. I just can't do it. Y'all called my bluff. I'm gonna sponsor two puppies for $25 each.

Meet Gunther and Mosley:


Renaissance Woman said...

Ohhh...they are so cute. You are a very kind soul and I know that they will appreciate it so much!

rudecactus said...

I won? Sweet!

Lotta said...

Oh they are adorable!