Thursday, January 22, 2009

Days of Grace:4 +

I'm enjoying this "Days of Grace" thing. But as the fantastic Fred reminded me, I didn't explain to all of you what the ever loving hell I'm doing. So, here goes. Schmutzie started Grace In Small Things back in November. Because she is also annoyed by the overly sugary and sappy, I decided I could play along. In truth, I am genuinely an optimistic person. I believe in the good of all people and the beauty in this world. I'm just not a fan of all the schmaltz. The details are pretty simple. It's a lazy woman's version of a gratitude journal. Every day, I will post 5 things that have graced my life, for 365 days. There's even a cute little button. Over there. On the right. See it? Up a little. More to the right. There! Yes! Right there! Oh Gawd Yes! That's It! Oh Don't Stop! - Ahem, sorry about that. I got side tracked. Anyway, you can get one too.

She's only 3/4 done and January has already told me to grab my ankles. Everything from comparable negligence to water damage to Mickey Fucking Mouse have taken a crack at screwing me this month. So with that in mind, if some of my "grace" moments seem pretty weak to you, remember that I have been a rodent's bitch recently and that my expectations are pretty low right now.

  1. The Last Word = nipples
  2. Thing hugs
  3. Voicemail
  4. Butterfly kisses
  5. House

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