Friday, January 30, 2009

Days of Grace: 12

  1. Not needing cigarettes
  2. Not smelling like smoke
  3. Not having that tickling cough
  4. Not worrying about bad breath
  5. Saving Lots of $$$


Anonymous said...

Honestly... not much that will turn me off quicker from a woman than when she pulls out a cigarette...

"Oh hey she's pretty ho....oh never mind..."

Stacie said...

fuck, here is where our sisterly shit ends.

*takes a drag*

Stacie said...

did liam just call me a ho?

it's go time.
after my cig.

Cant Hardly Wait said...

I'm trying to quit. It's killing me. Faster than me actually smoking is. How are you doing it?!

SP said...

Stacie I think he was going to call you a ho until he saw you smoking. Which really is even more insulting. Just because a woman smokes doesn't mean she can't be a ho too!

Can't Wait, I just stopped. I don't have any magic answers. What it boiled down to for me was just really really WANTING to be done. In the past I really wasn't ready to let go of a pasttime that I thoroughly enjoyed. I mean I really loved to smoke.