Saturday, January 31, 2009

16 Things

My dear friend Steph tagged me on a FaceBook MeMe.

And since I already had to write it for there, I thought, "woohoo, easy blog post"

You really deserve better than this.
Too fucking bad.

Without Further Ado - 16 random things about me as posted on Face Book

  • 1) I hate these list things
  • 2) Crap, this is hard
  • 3) Does it count if it's just a stream of conciousness
  • 4) and not actually 16 things about me?
  • 5) Because you don't really care
  • 6)and I'm too lazy
  • 7 - 14) Look, we're almost done
  • 15) You're welcome.
  • 16) Now you can go back to watching YouTube

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

My Youtube is blocked!!!

I'm depending on YOU for my entertainment...

Thanks SO much.